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FESTIVAL SCREENINGS (partial listing)

40th Anniversary San Francisco International Film Festival, May 1997
First Prize Golden Spire Award, California Premiere, San Francisco

Montreal The World Film Festival, August 1997
Screening Invitee, Canadian Premiere, Montreal (Quebec) Canada

Murphy’s 42nd Cork International Film Festival, October 1997

Screening Invitee, European Premiere, Cork, Ireland

Chicago International Film Festival, October 1996
Certificate of Merit, Illinois Premiere, Chicago

Hawaii International Film Festival, November 1997
Screening Invitee, Hawaiian Premiere, Honolulu

36th Ann Arbor Film Festival, March 1998
Screening Invitee, Michigan Premiere, Ann Arbor

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, November 1998
Screening Invitee, Arkansas Premiere, Hot Springs

Ninth New Orleans Film & Video Festival, October 1997
Lagniappe Award, Louisiana Premiere, New Orleans

16th Annual Central Florida Film & Video Festival, October 1998
Screening Invitee, Florida Premiere, Orlando

23rd Athens International Film Festival, November 1996
Screening Invitee, Ohio Premiere, Athens

20th Annual Big Muddy Film Festival, February 1998
Special Jury Honorable Mention, Carbondale, IL

Honolulu Underground Film Festival 3, November 1997
Screening Invitee, Hawaiian Premiere, Honolulu

Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Film Program, October 1996
Screening Invitee, Boston Premiere, Boston

International House - American Independents Film Series, September 1996
Screening Invitee, World Premiere, Philadelphia

Berlin Film Market - American Independents and Features Abroad, February 1996
New York Foundation for the Arts Screening Invitee, Sneak Preview Berlin, Germany