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"The Ad and The Ego is the only thing on video to make clear and to counter the - shall we say it? - evil of an ad ad ad world. With ad imagery both familiar and frightening, audio by the brightly negative Negativland, and talking heads who smartly walk you through the many minefields of illusion, The Ad and The Ego brilliantly dismantles one of the ego’s most comforting self-flatteries: that we are immune to advertising. Consider this your first real inoculation."

- Leslie Savan, Village Voice ad critic, author of The Sponsored Life


"A desperately needed antidote to the ocean of commercial messages that threaten to overwhelm our senses. Imaginatively conceived and produced, it explains the psychological mechanisms which give the messages and images their awesome power. An educational tour de force..."

- Herbert Schiller, University of California, San Diego, author of Culture, Inc.


"a useful provocation that anyone concerned with the future of our culture should take seriously"

- Todd Gitlin, New York University

"See this film to discover the message behind the message that we think we know all about. It’s a good antidote to the usually unconscious indoctrination to which we are subjected every day."

- George Gerbner, Dean Emeritus, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania



"...a phantasmagoric deconstruction of advertising’s wall-o-images... a natural for the desirable 18-35 demographic, appealing both to its members’ fascination with the empire of images and to their queasy hatred of advertising’s omnipresence... Yet The Ad and The Ego neatly proves its point about our culture’s domination by the ad world. That is, there is no place to see it. The Ad and The Ego is not sponsorable. And in an age in which everything is marketed, and marketing is everywhere, that’s saying something."

- Debra Goldman, ADWEEK


"This is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in years - brilliant at the very least."

- Sam Adams, Philadelphia Forum

"The Ad and The Ego is the first comprehensive documentary on the cultural impact of advertising in America. It should be required viewing for every consumer - which means all of us."

- Neil Postman, New York University, author of Amusing Ourselves To Death


" ...eye-popping and thought provoking... The Ad and The Ego is a kaleidoscopic, insightful look at the real guiding lights of our culture."

- Patrick Stoner, WHYY-TV, Philadelphia - host of "FLICKS" syndicated nationwide on PBS

"...one of the most useful, truthful, and (yes, I’m not afraid to say it) entertaining media literacy texts I’ve run across...The Ad and The Ego is exactly what we need in America the Mall."

- Roy F. Fox, University of Missouri - Columbia, author of Harvesting Minds